This Smartphone Cover Glass Comes With Fingerprint Recognition, Making Buttons Obsolete

fingerprint cover glass
photo credits: Asahi Glass

Now that Xiaomi implemented a home button with face recognition software on Mi5, we can safely say most of the smartphones nowadays come with biometrics features, in an effort of upping security. So, what’s next? For AGC Asahi Glass, a smartphone cover glass that handles a fingerprint sensor on its underside.

The special cover from AGC Asahi Glass is an innovative product that makes special buttons for biometrics’ purposes on a phone, obsolete.

We expect our new glass to do away with sapphire-crystal power buttons without compromising the proven reliability of a one-piece cover glass.

Unlike sapphire-crystal buttons, their creation is resistant to water and dust but more importantly, doesn’t require a shift in design to acommodate it. The button-less sensor is applied under a specially treated portion of glass, since the conventional one would be too thick to detect fingerprints. The result is a cover glass featuring high strength, high degree of flatness, and stable fingerprint recognition operation.

The special cover glass has already been shipped to smartphone makers and IC manufacturers and can be seen, now, at MWC in Barcelona. There, CrucialTec, a Korea-based mobile input solutions provider, is displaying its fingerprint sensor under the multi-thickness glass. BTP (Under Glass Biometric Track Pad) can is available for mass production.

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