Atlus Celebrates Persona’s 25th With Seven To-Be-Announced Projects

PC: Atlus

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The Persona series turned 25 this year and Atlus is celebrating!

As reported by Persona Central, Atlus (in typical Atlus fashion) has recently published a teaser website announcing more information to come on Persona 25th Anniversary celebration.

In particular, there will be seven major announcements surrounding the Persona series as part of the “Persona 25th Anniversary Projects.” Atlus has not specified what these could be, but given the company’s history, these projects could range between ports, new games, collaborations, and concerts/events.

The first announcement is set for September 2021, This may be significant as the first game in the series, Revelations: Persona released September 20th, 1996. The final announcement will release Autumn 2022.

For now, Atlus has released commemorative merchandise, largely focused on the series’ protagonists. These include acrylic stands, plush key chains, and trading photo cards. Other merchandise includes acrylic stands of the poster, school emblem pin set, shirts, and more.

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Atlus Celebrates Persona’s 25th With Seven To-Be-Announced Projects
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