Aurai Aims To Soothe Tired Eyes With Their Water-Powered Eyes Massager

Aurai Aims to Soothe Tired Eyes With Water-Powered Eyes Massager

Credit: Aurai


Yes guys, you read that right: we now have a water-powered device that can massage your eyes. Let me explain.

Aurai has been working on the device for years, and have gotten this far thanks to crowdfunding campaigns, which allowed them to come up with the eye massager they have exhibited at the IFA this year.

The massager fits over your eyes much in the style of a VR headset and it connects to a control pod via a cable to moves water between the pod and the headset.

What does it do? It basically rubs your eyes with pulsating water jets that alternate between warm and cold. Your face does get a little moist and, obviously, you are not be able to move around, but why would you want to, since you’re supposed to be relaxing?


Credit: Aurai / YouTube 

The headset costs $239, but the company is getting ready to come out with a portable model, which they plan to release in 2019 for a price that will stand somewhere between $150 and $175.

Would you give it a try?

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