Awesome Or What?! This 3D Technology Will Teleport You Anywhere, In Real Time

Remember the oh, so many times the Emperor appeared as a hologram in Star Wars? That movie layed the base of our holographic dreams. Now, Microsoft is fighting to make them a reality. Its Interactive 3D Technologies (I3D) team has managed to perfect a technology that teleports you as a 3D model anywhere via HoloLens. Talk about some #realitymagic!

While the 3D capture technology helps reconstruct, compress and transmit models of real people anywhere on the globe, the AR headset helps other users to see those models and interact with them, as they would if the originals stood in the same room. Being able to interact with your dear ones even if they’re an ocean away is becoming ridiculously simple! And we couldn’t be more happy about it.


Moreover, these holograms’ moves aren’t restricted by a base (like a smart support in Star Wars); they can actually move around the room thanks to multiple cameras recording footage. They can even be miniaturized and watched from above like in that scene with Chewbacca, R2-D2 and C-3PO playing holochess. 

As for HoloLens, this will probably prove to be a great incentive for prospective customers. The Development Edition costs $3000 and started shipping last month.

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