You Can Now Vacation on the International Space Station. For $55 million.

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Axiom Space, the first commercial space station, is now offering the chance for the vacation of a lifetime: a 10-day stay on the International Space Station.

Of course, this one’s not for those who open travel sites in Incognito mode for cheaper tickets (that’s a thing, folks!). A 7 to 10-day International Space Station vacation will start at $55 million per person, breakfast probably included. Axiom Space plans to offer these trips as soon as 2020 then, until 2022, to also launch habitation pods connected to the ISS.

The company, headed by a former NASA ISS program manager, did not reveal which shuttles it will use to transport the obscenely rich wanderlusters, but SpaceX could be an obvious choice.

Axiom Space says that the tourists will have to undergo a 15-week training course before they jet off to the ISS. During the trip, they’ll enjoy the luxuries afforded by a $55 million vacation.

You Can Now Make A Reservation At The First Space Hotel

“From your bespoke personal quarters to common areas on the station, our design emphasizes safety, comfort, pleasure, and productivity, so you can make the most out of your time in orbit.

Cuisine will be tailored to your individual tastes, along with standard astronaut food items ranging from tacos to cappuccinos (yes, there is a cappuccino machine in space).

Exercise in space is good for the body and mind, just as it is on Earth. You will have access to the station’s exercise equipment. While it is not required for your short-term mission, exercising in space is a unique experience that is sure to keep you feeling invigorated,” promises Axiom Space. #tomorrowmagic

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Meanwhile, for those with a more limited budget, all eyes are on Richard Branson’s Virgin Galactic, which promises space flights for just $250,000.

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