Best 2020 Tech: Award-Winning Gadgets Everyone Will Talk About

Pulse-reading earphones, glasses that recognize faces for the blind and the toughest smartwatch around – these are just some of the best gadgets of 2020! Spotted at CES, they impressed us so much that we decided to give them our vote of confidence: TTL awards.

Now, we don’t give these babies up so easily. We look at products that are truly innovative, come up with compelling use cases and offer an outstanding user experience. Affordability is a major factor too, because if it doesn’t end up in your hands, how can it make a difference?

Oh, and maybe the most important thing for us? Impact. How does it affect both you and all of us in the long term. 

So, what made the cut? 

TCL ACTV200BT earphones in Audio

These neckband earphones don’t just sound great, they keep your health in check. How? By keeping track of your heart rate thanks to some smartly integrated sensors. Lightweight, sweatproof and noise-isolating, the ACTV200BT are hard to pass.

Insta360 One R in Cameras

Insta360 One R’s groundbreaking modular design changes our understanding of action cameras. The One R shoots in 360 degrees, 4K wide angle and 5K at 30FPS! For raising the stakes in the industry, they got an award! 

Lora DiCarlo in Innovative Tech

Lora DiCarlo managed to change CES entirely by arguing that sexual health devices are well… health devices after all. By revolutionizing 80 year old tech, they improved lives, empowered users, challenged antiquated views and earned a TTL award for Innovation.

LG Real 8K OLED TVs in TVs

LG Real 8K OLED series’ record breaking contrast modulation 8K resolution was a decisive factor but the overall package won us over. LG’s 8K series support HEVC, VP9, and AV1 content natively this year. Plus, they come with a new AI chip for upscaling image and audio, enabling them to recognize faces and texts, adjusting view quality for both. 

Nissan Ariya in Transportation

Nissan Ariya concept won a TTL award for the user experience it offers. It’s all about in-cabin balance and calm with a 12-inch infotainment system that blends in instead of distracting the driver. The interior design is minimalistic and the outside noise, nonexistent thanks to a revolutionary acoustic meta material.

Amazfit, Hachi, Tactsuit and OrCam complete our list of winners. Check them out in the video above!

Read about each product in depth here.

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