Lora DiCarlo's Innovative Sex Toys Changed CES (and the Tech Industry)

How Lora DiCarlo’s Innovative Pleasure Devices Changed CES (and Shook the Tech Industry)

Here, at TechTheLead, we’ve never shied away from challenging the industry giants or supporting the startups with most potential to change our lives for the better. We have always valued vision, entrepreneurial spirit and leaders that can inspire others. With that thought in mind, we decided to not just report on a sensitive topic such as sexual health and wellness but to look for an open dialogue with the person who has changed the face of CES and shook the tech industry: Lora Haddoc DiCarlo.

If you remember, the Lora DiCarlo company was given an Innovation Award by the CTA last year only to then rescind it as it was “obscene” and didn’t fit any category on the show floor. After the news hit the Internet and made a splash, the CTA invited the company to an honest conversation and soon enough, Lora DiCarlo got their award back.

Moreover, they were allowed to not only exhibit this year at CES, but have a space in the Health and Wellness sector, normalizing the frequently stigmatized sexual devices.

How did they manage to prove to the CTA they had earned that place?

How did Lora DiCarlo’s disruptive devices open a much bigger discussion on sexual health and wellness?

We set out to find out from Lora herself, in a conversation that feels long overdue, candid and most importantly, eye-opening.

In the video above, you’ll not just find out how the Osé product works or how the latest devices fit their series, but how you start a company, how important research is and why user feedback is paramount for the success of your business.

Suffice to say, Lora DiCarlo’s own curiosity led her to where she is today. While searching to replicate a partner-induced blended orgasm, she realized the technology of a vibrator hadn’t changed in 80 years! To innovate in this field, she’d have to start from scratch and get help.

[Until Ose,] vibrator tech hadn’t changed in 80 years

She started getting answers on the physiology of the human body and then partnered up with a professor from Oregon State University. He helped Lora (herself,  an engineer at heart) gather a team of engineers and create what is today known as Osé, a 250 parts, patent-pending micro-robotic massager for blended orgasms.

The key was to fit all types of bodies, emulate the feel of a real human being (biomimicry) and work hands-free.  With $3 million worth of pre-sales in late November 2019, I’d say they’re on the right track.

What the world needs are more female role models. Our inaugural team of professional engineers at Oregon State University’s robotics lab included female engineers.

At CES 2020, Lora’s team of experts in AI and microrobotics did it again. They showed off Onda (“rolling wave”) and Baci (“kiss”). Why two different products? People asked for just that in a survey of over 1500 respondents.

Lora listened and created devices that not only satisfy the real needs of real people but empower them: “We want to make people feel more comfortable in their own skin and achieve the kind of empowerment that will allow them to go out and make changes in the industry.”

And, by the way, we found out those needs are not just the sexual type, but according to her survey, are about “achieving better sleep, reducing stress, achieving better mood.”

That’s how health intersects with sexual wellness, all enhanced by technology. Sounds simple but it took quite the commotion last year. Lora DiCarlo seems to have broken old patterns and challenge others to rethink what can be achieved with cutting-edge technology in both the health and the sex industry.

For the incredibly innovative take on pleasure devices but also the company’s inspiring mission, we gave them a Best of CES 2020 award.

This is one of several products that have won a TechTheLead Award, after being carefully selected by our editorial staff from all registered entries. Special Awards have been given to products and companies that the editorial staff hand-picked for their outstanding features.  The TechTheLead Awards go to products/companies that embody at least one of the following criteria: most innovative features, most compelling use cases, best price versus quality ratio, best user experience, most positive impact for user and society.   

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