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Best Gadget For Summer: Zungle Audio Sunglasses

zungle sunglasses summer gadget

The moment the sun comes up, you’re ready to dust off your favorite pair of sunglasses and take out the sickest pair of headphones you own. But what if you could have this party mix in one product? This pair of sunglasses from Zungle doubles as bone-conduction headphones #objectmagic

With the right technology and gear, wireless earbuds can be successfully replaced by bone-conduction headphones. The latter transmit sound waves to the skull through vibrations. This means you can listen to music without sticking anything in your ears. Also, you’re not as isolated from the outside world, being perfectly capable to hear warning honks.

If you pair that tech with sunglasses, well, you’re practically set for summer. That’s what one startup did last summer, raising enough funds on Kickstarter to begin pre-orders. The Zungle sunglasses not only look cool, but do their job. You get Bluetooth audio playback, can easily take calls with the built-in microphone and adjust the audio.

A touchpad on the right side of the pair of sunglasses also lets you control the playlist. Zungle pairs with any smartphone through Bluetooth, so you can take advantage of all your music apps. The listening time vs charging time isn’t great but it’s decent. After four hours of playing tracks, you have to charge the glasses for one hour, at the most. To recharge, you simply have to insert the USB cable in the hidden port on the hinge.

Zungle sunnies come in five colors, at a fixed price of $119. The lenses are replaceable and the company says they’re waterproof. Check them out here. 

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