Best Stocking Stuffers: 8 Wireless Headphones Worth Every Penny

Uninspired stocking stuffers out everywhere? Not surprising, but these ones may just change your mind because they play music, cancel out noise and help you make calls on the go. Here are our top 8 wireless headphones you can choose from to fill a Christmas stocking!

As much as I love a great gadget that’s super cheap, it’s hard to ignore the Sony WH-1000XM4 headphones.

Honestly, Sony made it very hard for anyone else to stand out. And, it’s true, at $300 they’re not cheap at all but the tech deserves every penny! For that amount, you get 30 hours of playback, spatial audio, excellent noise cancellation, and improved call quality.

Also, they’re finally letting you pair them with multiple devices at the same time and resume music when you place them on your head.

But let’s say you’re having second thoughts. Maybe you want a bit more wiggle room… to play with the noise cancelling tech, for example. Then, the Bowers & Wilkins PX7 are worth checking out. 

I love the fact that, with these ones, you get to tinker with the noise-canceling settings until they adapt to you. And you don’t have to compromise other things! The PX7 sound great and they have two things in common with the Sony headphones: the battery life and smart pause/restart feature. 

This interesting progressive noise cancellation is also present in the Bose 700. I mean, if you’re going to go on the Bose train, or invite someone else, at least do in style, right? And you won’t go wrong with these headphones. They’ll let you decide how much you want to hear from the outside world, all while delivering a punchy sound.

Kind of expensive? Sure! But at least they make up for it with a very stylish design and voice quality so you won’t have to embarrass yourself in Zoom calls.

And because a couple of hundred dollars matter, I have one suggestion for you under $200! The Marshall Mid ANC cost about half the price of the Bowers & Wilkins but they’re almost as good. Yes, the battery lasts only 20 hours but it’s still nothing to scoff at. And more importantly, the sound won’t disappoint. Consider the 70’s rock vibes of these headphones and, who knows? They might be the stocking stuffer you need!

Indeed, a pair of earbuds fit better the stocking. The shape won’t give them away, at least! Plus, that’s the true wireless active people need.

First up, the Master & Dynamic MW07 Go. We picked them for the impressive battery life – 10 hours-, more than 20m range and great design. I’m not that excited about the price – about $150 –  but at least you know you’ll get smooth audio with amazing bass. 

See the rest of our selection in the video above!

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