Best Tech Gifts For Parents 2018
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Best Tech Gifts For Parents 2018

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Buying gifts for our parents is always one of the hardest things to do. You have to please different generations, figure out different ways of looking at things but we think we might be able to help you with it, even just a little bit.

Whether your parents are tech-savvy or not, here’s a list of gifts that might just do the trick.

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1. Everyone enjoys a house that smells nice and this Essential Oil Diffuser from Zen Breeze not only looks gorgeous in Dark Brown, Brown and White color variants but it also comes with 14 LED colors to fit any interior.

They can add any of their favorite fragrances and adjust it however they see more fit.

Grab it here


2. At least one of your parents has to be crazy about cooking so this Anova Culinary Sous Vide Precision Cooker should be a pleasant surprise.

It has an adjustable clamp and delivers perfect control and precision when cooking a wide variety of foods. If they love playing with apps, do tell them they can even control it via a companion app.

You can purchase it here. 


3. Many parents often prefer staying at home and watching a movie instead of going to the cinema so why not take the cinema to them with the Optoma ML750 Ultra-Compact Projector?

It’s small and compact and it delivers a 50-inch diagonal image from only 32 inches away. It also features LED projection, which means that they won’t have to replace the lamps.

You can buy it here


4. If your parents don’t have enough photos of you around the house… are they really your parents or have they been replaced by emotionless clones?

We’re kidding but it would still be great to give them all the photo space they want with the Nixplay Digital Photo Frame. It even comes with a companion app that allows you to manage the photos in the frame from wherever you are. That is 10GB worth of photos.

It has an 1024 x 768 HD Screen Resolution, it automatically turns on or off when they’re in the room and it also works with Alexa.Buy it here

5. Personally, I don’t think you can go wrong with a Fire 7 Tablet! This newest generation of the Fire tablet has a 7 inch screen with higher contrast and sharper text and can offer up to 8 hours of battery life. It also works perfectly with Alexa.

You can get it here

6. Your dad needs to stay connected just as much as you, right? This Fossil Gen 2 Smartwatch can offer that with display notifications, touch screen functionality for texts, calls, emails and more. He can track your activity through the day and customize the watch interface however he sees fit.

Up for grabs here

7. This second generation Echo Plus is the perfect addition to any household. Your parents can set it up with any smart home devices and the speakers are powered by Dolby, playing crisp and clear audio with a dynamic bass. Of course, it’s all Alexa and you can set it to control any compatible smart lights, switches, sensors and more.

Purchase it here

8. If tell me your parents don’t complain about their back hurting all the time, I’ll say you’re lying. Hence why you should buy them this Viktor Jurgen Massage Pillow.

The pillow has 3D rotating massage nodes and a heating function that can be turned on or off. Guess what? It also comes with an AC and car adapter as well.

Grab it here

9. For the wine-loving parents out there, there is the Cascina 34 Wine Refrigerator.

It can store up to 34 wine bottles and it features digital temperature control, LED lighting and vibration dampening, which ensures that the wines are stored in an optimum environment.

Purchase it here

10. For the music lovers, there is the Sonos Play – a small device that fits in any space and can play different songs in different rooms, all at the same time. They can set it up in five minutes via Wi-Fi and not only it is Alexa compatible but it can stream all your favorite music from Amazon Music, Apple Music and Spotify.

Get it here

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