Best Tech in 2021 - Essential Beauty Gadges

Best Tech in 2021: Beauty Gadgets You’ll Love & Use Daily

What to give to the person in your life who always keeps up with beauty trends?

In our search for the best tech in 2021 we found the beauty gadgets anyone would love and use daily. 

Giving makeup, fragrance or skincare is risky, since you don’t know your giftee’s routine, but these super popular and well-reviewed beauty gadgets will spark joy for anyone.

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Dermapore for perfect skin


The Dermaflash Dermapore device is one of the most popular ultrasonic pore extractors and for good reason too!

It not only cleans the skin to prepare it for the skincare routine, it also features a serum infuser tool.

This small beauty gadget uses ultrasonic vibrations to deep clean the skin and remove dirt, oil and blackheads. Thanks to the gentle massage, it also helps the active ingredients in skincare better penetrate the skin barrier.

If your loved one is always talking about retinol, The Ordinary, Dr Jartt and other skincare stuff, this is the gift to give.

Check it out here.

Revlon Oil Absorbing Roller for cleaning on the go

revlon oil roller volcanic rock

A more budget-friendly (and eco-friendly) option is this tool from Revlon.

The Oil Absorbing Roller does one thing and does it good: it cleans the excess sebum on the skin and removes shininess. The ball is made out of real volcanic stone, which sucks up the excess oiliness. 

It’s the perfect tool for those with oily or mixed skin, since it’s easy to use both at home or thrown in the purse to avoid that dreaded midday shiny forehead.

What makes it such a great gift? Not only does it help with oily skin, it also removes the need for expensive blotting papers, so it actually saves money for the giftee.

Buy it here.

Droplette, a high-tech beauty gadget

droplette skincare

How about a beauty gadget using MIT technology? Meet the Droplette, one of the most advanced beauty tools and one of the best tech devices in 2021.

The Droplette is perfect for those with mature skin who use lots of skincare products and even considered Botox or other injections at one point or another. Only, the Droplette is needle free!

Since skin is designed to keep things out, most skincare products and ingredients never get a chance to penetrate the skin barrier, so it’s basically money down the drain.

The Droplette is an electromechanical medical device created by MIT-trained scientists that removes the need for topical application. 

Instead, it mists those products through a fluid physics phenomenon and gets them through the skin barrier for better results.

See it here.

Dr Gross Mask for those addicted to sheet masks 

dr dross mask

For the person in your life who loves their self-care routine and buys more sheet masks than one person could use in a lifetime, check out the Dr Dennis Gross Mask popular everywhere on the web.

This mask is on the pricey side but it will completely remove the need to buy sheet masks which, as anyone who ever got addicted to them can vouch, are incredibly expensive down the line. 

The Dr Denis Gross DRx SpectraLite FaceWare Pro has a name as complicated as its tech – but boy, does it work!

This popular beauty tool uses FDA-cleared technology. It’s a three-minute LED device for your entire face that targets the appearance of wrinkles and blemishes. The blue lights reduce bacteria on the skin to improve complexion and the red lights stimulate and support collagen production. No need for other skincare products! 

Buy it here.

Eye Massager Mask with music

renpho eye massager mask

A more affordable wearable beauty gadget is this popular Amazon eye massager that can connect to Bluetooth to play music as well.

It’s a great tech gift idea for anyone spending lots of time on a computer, as it forces the wearer to just sit still and relax while listening to a podcast or some music.

Using massaging, compression and built-in heating pads that go up to 42 degrees Celsius, it can help relieve eye strain and puffiness, especially after a long-day at work.

Buy it here.

Theragun Mini portable massager

theragun mini

For a more powerful (and universal) massage, the Theragun Mini is one of our favorite devices. This portable massager is probably the best tech in 2021 for relaxing anytime, anywhere, as it can fit in any pocket but deliver a spa-like massage in minutes.

With a 150 minute autonomy and extremely quiet, this massager is perfect for throwing in a bag and using it on the go.

Find it here.

AstroAI Skincare Fridge

skincare fridge

At home, we can’t think of a better beauty gadget than this skincare fridge.

Believe it or not, skincare fridges are all the rage in the 2021 beauty landscape. They might seem a little ‘extra’ but for the person who is investing hundreds in skincare products like serums and creams, they are the perfect choice.

As most expensive skincare should be kept in a cool, dark place, and a skincare routine can contain upwards of five products, skincare fridges do make sense and make it easy to store and access the products.

The best one we found is just under $50, an awesome deal considering it fits up to 6 cans and can easily double as a medication fridge and even a camping fridge.

Get it here.

Aira from Vanity Planet

vanity planet aira

Another great choice frequently under $50 is the Vanity Planet Aira facial steamer.

The Aira ionic facial steamer helps your giftee relax and unwind, starting off their beauty routine with a deep, gentle cleanse.

With a cool, minimalistic design and adjustable bunny ears headband, the Aira is a beauty gadget that brings a spa-like experience at home. It can be used with just water for a regular steaming session and also has three compartments for essential oils or herbs for an upgraded experience.

Check it out.

HidrateSpark, the best water bottle for maximum hydration

hydraspark tap

Any beauty expert and wellness guru will tell you that the key for perfect, glowing skin is hydration. 

The best all-around beauty gadget for us is, not surprisingly, a smart water bottle. Spending hundreds on gadgets and skincare products is useless if you or your giftee don’t drink enough water, so we recommend giving the HydrateSpark a go.

This beautiful (and smart!) water bottle glows when it’s time to get another drink and connects to your phone to compile wellness stats.

Buy it here.

If you’re looking for more tech gift ideas for this holiday season, check out our other gift guides, you’ll definitely find something that brings joy to your loved ones.

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Best Tech in 2021: Beauty Gadgets You’ll Love & Use Daily
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