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The Best Tech Gifts Under $100

Ready for the holidays? As usual, it’s best to shop early to avoid the Christmas rush, so we went ahead and compiled the best tech gifts under $100 for you. 

We recommend both items we tried ourselves and the best reviewed Amazon listings for the best gadgets, wearables and accessories in 2021. Scroll below to our curated list of tech gifts with an affordable price, you’ll definitely find a gift that will make loved ones happy!

Amazon Echo Show 5

amazon echo show 5

The all-around safest and best gift is once again the Amazon Echo. The Show 5 can work great as an introduction to Amazon’s smart home ecosystem or as another device in your giftee’s home. With it’s 5.5-inch screen, it’s an ideal fit for the kitchen – they can follow recipes step by step, check the weather, call friends or update their calendar.

The Echo Show 5 also works great as a digital frame, keeping those precious memories front and center.

⫸ Find it here.

Cuisinart Air Fryer

cuisinart ar fryer

Another awesome tech gift for the kitchen is this Cuisinart Air Fryer. Its design looks a lot cooler than the regular, mug-shaped air fryers but looks aren’t the only things separating it from the pack.

Thanks to that oven shape and window, it can fit a lot more food than regular air fryers (up to 2.5 lbs) and lets you check on the progress of your cooking without opening it up and losing heat in  the process. Since it measures just 12.0″ x 11.75″ x 11.5″, it can fit anywhere on a countertop.

Also, let’s be honest – that stainless steel is a lot easier to clean than the traditional, plastic-made air fryers! If you want to give a tech gift to someone who’s trying to step away from fast food or loves cooking, look no further. Fries better than McDonalds with just a splash of oil? It’s possible! 

⫸ Buy the Air Fryer here.

Instant frother for homemade cappuccinos

instant milk frother instant pot

Due to the pandemic, a lot of us are spending way more time in the kitchen and missing some of the treats from previous, more relaxed times. Remember stopping to get a cappuccino before heading to the office?

A great tech gift for the coffee enthusiast is this Instant Milk Frother from Instant Pot. It can make the best foam for cappuccinos, lattes or matcha, even with non-dairy alternatives, and can work as a coffee heater for that forgotten cuppa on the desk. 

Try giving someone a personal barista this Christmas! 

⫸ Find it here.

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer

Along with coffee shops, most of us also missed out on treat days, so why not bring the hair salon at home?

For those with frizzy hair or who need a little spa treatment, this Revlon One-Step Hair Dryer and Volumizer is the perfect tech gift!

It’s a hot air hair brush that promises 30% less frizz and lots of volume, for a hairstyle that looks like someone just left the salon.

Since it’s frequently under $50, you’ll be hard-pressed to find a better deal.

⫸ Check it out!

Fitbit Inspire fitness band

fitbit inspire 2

Even though spending time at home is now the norm, not the exception, fitness trackers still have their place – and make for a great tech gift!

For under $100 and sometimes even half that, the Fitbit Inspire 2 is the best deal in town. This sleek bracelet is available in multiple colors and fitness tracking for more than 20 exercises, including swimming, heart rate monitoring and sleep tracking. It’s capable of tracking types of sleep, from light to deep and REM, so it’s a good choice for someone who struggles with their sleep patterns. Plus, since it goes for at least 10 days on a single charge, it’s great for those friends who look for no-fuss gadgets.

⫸ Buy it here.

ASAKUKI Essential Oil Diffuser

asakuki essential oil diffuser

Another great wellness gift for anyone (but especially people under a lot of stress) is an essential oil diffuser.

There are a lot of options on the market but we love the Asakuki Oil Diffuser for their beautiful, spa-like designs and incredibly affordable prices.

Frequently available for under $30, the Asakuki Essential Oil Diffuser has plenty to offer: an easily removed 400 ml tank which also lets it work as a humidifier, multiple illumination options and a remote control to change the lighting and misting modes.

With Christmas around the corner, this essential oil diffuser can make the house smell like cinnamon treats or a pine forest, perfect to get into the holiday mood.

⫸ Buy it here.

Tivo Stream 4K


And, since binge-watching is everyone’s favorite pastime, why not give someone the gift of endless TV shows and movies?

The TiVo Stream 4K is the best Android streaming dongle we tried and frequently goes for around $30. 

What does it do best? Recommendations! TiVo Stream 4K connects to all of the popular streaming apps and recommends new movies and shows from everywhere, in a single dashboard that lets you watch straight from there. From Netflix to Disney+, this little gadget removes the need to endlessly scroll through lists to find something new to watch – and remembers what you like so it can give you more of that!

⫸ Check it out here.

Anker Soundcore Flare+ Bluetooth speaker

anker soundcore flare+ speaker

Another great tech gift which anyone would love is a good portable speaker. In the under $100 category and frequently discounted category, we love the Anker Soundcore Flare+ bluetooth speaker.

Even though it’s cheap, thanks to its 360 sound, deep bass and adjustable EQ, it sees just as much use as our Bose and is frequently the star of a small gathering of friends.

With a 20 hour playtime, gorgeous ambient lighting that reacts to the beat and a heart-thumping bass, this is one of the best portable speakers we tried so far. Plus, it’s IPX7 waterproof-rated, so it can handle a pool dive with no hiccups. 

⫸ Find it here.

Soundpeats earbuds with ANC

soundpeats t2 cheap anc earbuds

Another great tech gift for friends is a pair of awesome, cheap wireless earbuds. After all, who doesn’t lose an earbud and wish for a new pair?

For those forgetful friends or the ones who simply can’t live without music, the Soundpeats T2 earbuds are a great choice. Not only are they incredibly affordable but they sound great too – we frequently reach for them even though we have a Sennheiser pair also!

They’re frequently under $50, which is amazing considering they’re ANC earphones with transparency mode and have a whopping 30 hours playtime with USB-C quick charge. Those are all specs you find in high-end earbuds and AirPods which retail for double, if not triple the price!

⫸ Check them out here

Razer Seiren Mini microphone

razer seiren microphone

For the gamer in your life, we have two suggestions to try. When looking at gaming gear under $100, the options are usually really slim – you’re stuck either with unknown brands with iffy track records or just the entry level models for the established ones.

However, Razer does make two great tech gifts for this budget.

The Razer Seiren Mini is one of the best and most affordable streaming microphones. If you have a gamer friend who loves streaming on Twitch or a friend who is always in back to back calls at work, pick up this Razer Seiren mini USB microphone – it offers an almost professional recording quality in a very small package.

Usually hovering around $50, it’s a great tech gift for minimalists, as it’s around 6 inches in height and features a very sleek, black or white design. Who knows, maybe your giftee will even be inspired to start their own podcast!

⫸ Buy it here.

Razer Viper Mini mouse

razer viper mini mouse

The second gamer gift option is the Razer Viper Mini. We’re not affiliated with this brand in any way, shape or form, we just did what they offer with these Mini options.

The Viper Mini is one of the nicest gaming mice we found at under $50, which is amazing since it has most of the features we look for.

It sports an 8500 DPI optical sensor, has the Chroma RGB lighting Razer fans love, and comes with 6 programmable buttons and a drag-free cord.

Also, it’s really true to its name – it’s only 65 grams! 

⫸ Check it out here.

Logitech K380 multi-device Bluetooth wireless keyboard

logitech k380 keyboard

Another great minimalist tech gift is the Logitech K380 keyboard – and not just because it looks great!

This is a fantastic multi-device wireless keyboard that helps you remove clutter, as it works effortlessly with up to 3 devices, switching between them with a single tap.

For example, the K380 for Mac lets you type on the iPad, switch to your Macbook, and keep on typing on your iPhone even. It’s a great work from anywhere tool and the battery life is impressive for an under $50 gadget. The Logitech K380 works for up to two years using just two AA batteries.

⫸ Buy it here.

Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker

For the animal lovers, this is one tech gift that keeps on giving: the Tractive Waterproof GPS Dog Tracker.

This dog tracker is fantastic because not only does it gofor under $50, it offers unlimited range and peace of mind to the owners.

The Tractive LTE and GPS tracker has worldwide coverage for live location, giving updates on where the pet is every 2-3 seconds, plus location history, so you can see where the furry friends went adventuring.

Even more, it lets you create a virtual fence, like a garden or a field, and alerts the owner the moment the dog leaves it. Waterproof and compact, it’s a great gadget to add to a dog’s collar – and a great gift this Christmas for your friends and family!

⫸ Buy it here.

Cable organizer with bamboo lid

cable organizer with bamboo lid

And lastly, there’s no better tech gift than the one that removes clutter. If you have a gadget freak in your life, odds are that he or she already owns most of the stuff you could buy…but do they have something to organize them?

These cable tidy boxes are a fantastic choice for PC gamers, people with home theater setups and anyone who loves tech. They organize cables in manageable bundles and hide them away 

in sleek, wooden covered containers that look great under the desk or near the wall. The black option would fit nicely in a gamer setup, while the white cable box is perfect for those who prefer minimalist spaces with lots of natural light and finishing touches.

⫸ Buy them here.

*Affiliate disclosure: We may receive compensation in connection with your purchase of products via links in this article.

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The Best Tech Gifts Under $100
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