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The Best, Most Affordable Gifts for the Music Lover In Your Life 

Looking for a tech gift that doesn’t break the bank? When you have an audiophile in your life, most gifts tend to be very expensive but not these ones! Other than one holy grail item, we carefully curated these gifts for music lovers so that they bring joy to your giftee without making you go in the red.

Teeny Tiny Turntable for lovers of all things vinyl

Vinyl doesn’t exactly scream “high tech” now, does it? Still, we found a great gadget you can gift a music lover – the Teeny Tiny Turntable. It’s functional and comes with 3 LPs your giftee can play.

teeny tiny turntable

Even though vinyl is positively ancient, this music format has retained and increased its popularity over the decades and it’s the medium of choice for many audiophiles. 

If you are looking for a tech gift for a music lover, this is one of the cutest, most affordable choices, coming in at under $15.

Check it out here.

The Orba 2, a way to make music on the go, no knowledge required

MIDI controllers are a popular choice of tech gifts for audiophiles but odds are your friend already has a couple lying around. Why not go for something more fun?

The Orba 2 is the perfect gift for both advanced musicians and people who just want to dabble from time to time. 

orba 2 instrument artifon

The follow-up to a popular synth, looper, and controller from Artiphon, the Orba 2 fits in the palm of your hand and reacts to the simplest of micro-movements to make music.

This is a pocket-sized digital instrument that lets you make music by simply playing around with it – tap it, tilt it, whack it or rotate it and it will make sounds, flash and vibrate.

It has a speaker on the bottom, so the user can do a live show on the fly. It also has a headphone jack and bluetooth, so it can turn your giftee’s public transport commute into a fun opportunity to create beats and loops.

The Orba 2 retails for $149.99 but, if your budget is tight, keep an eye out for the first Orba, as it frequently goes on sale.

Check it out here.

Personalized song plaque with their favorite Spotify tune

For a more romantic tech gift that will keep you in your giftee’s thoughts all the time, we recommend turning their favorite song into a personalized song plaque they can keep as a decoration.

personalized song plaque

These beautiful personalized song plaques look like a cross between a desk lamp and a Spotify screenshot and they’ll definitely be conversation starters. 

It’s basically a lamp / nightlight where you can customize the photo and add something lovely for your giftee. What looks like a waveform below the photo is actually a code they can scan and instantly start playing your special song.

Really, for less than $15, it’s hard to find a better gift for a music lover!

Check it out here.

Otamatone, Tiktok’s musical instrument of choice

Another great tech gift for a music lover that won’t break the bank is the Otamatone, a quirky musical instrument that went viral this year on TIkTok.

omatatone tiktok instrument

The Otamatone is a touch-sensitive musical instrument that looks and feels absolutely hilarious. Squeeze the cheeks of the creature to make sounds and slide your fingers on the bar to create ascending and descending tones.

The result? The most hilarious concert.

This is one gift that will make your giftee roar in laughter. It also might help break the tension at the family Christmas table because no one will be able to have a political conversation with this thing blaring.

Check it out here.

A subscription to Melodics to teach them how to play 

Everyone is focused on gifting stocking stuffers or gadgets, but what do you think about a learning opportunity?

If someone dear to you wants to learn more about music, a subscription to Melodics would be a great gift.

This music platform has lots of modules to teach anyone how to play with MIDI keyboards, pad controllers or electronic drums.

Coming in at $24.99 per month or $129 per year, this is one gift that can accommodate most budgets. For the holidays, they will also have a lesson teaching how to play Last Christmas by Wham! so, come the next holiday season, your friend will probably thank you with a live performance.

Check it out here.

Sony WH-1000XM5 noise canceling headphones

If you’re looking to splurge on a tech gift for a music lover, one of the best things you can buy this season is a good pair of noise cancelling headphones. For us, and audio experts alike, the Sony WH-1000XM5 are without question the best deal in town. 

sony noise cancelling headphones

With amazing sound quality and noise cancellation but at a price point that is too extreme, the Sony WH-1000XM5 would make a fine gift for anyone, no matter how picky they are.

Check them out here.

If you’re set on giving headphones as gifts this holiday season, check out our other guides. We compiled the best retro headphones, the cute headphones with cat ears everyone is raving about and a general guide for aesthetically-pleasing headphones with lesser-known but no less awesome brands.

High fidelity ear plugs for concerts

And lastly, a tech gift that’s practical, not flashy, because friends don’t let friends blow up their ear drums at concerts.

high fidelity earplugs

If you’re looking for a tech gift for a music lover who always has front row seat tickets, give them this pair of high fidelity ear plugs. These little gadgets won’t muddy the beautiful music but will protect ears from hearing loss. The damage done to ears by the huge sound setups at concerts is something most people ignore in their youth but more people should take it seriously. 

With these ear plugs having their own clip-on case, your friends and loved ones can hang this safety equipment on their keyring and never forget it at home before heading for a big night out. Plus, they’re almost invisible, so no vibe killers here.

Check them out here.

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The Best, Most Affordable Gifts for the Music Lover In Your Life 
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