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Toaster From the 70s Does a Better Job Than Anything You Own

How can a 1969 toaster be better than a modern one? It seems like a hoax but it’s really not. In fact, this toaster might do a better job at getting your bread ready to go than anything you currently own.

The Sunbeam Radiant Control toaster shines bright like a diamond but other than that, it doesn’t seem like it can really compete with the current options.

That is, until you discover one curious feature: it’s touch free! Indeed, this toaster doesn’t come with buttons or levers yet it’s able to get the perfect toast out.

You just have to drop your slices of bread for the toaster to feel the movement and start cooking them up. What is interesting is that, every single time, it manages to deliver the perfect toast, never burnt.

What is the secret here? When Sunbeam engineer Ludvik J. Koci created it, he inserted a series of levers that can lower and raise two slices with a mechanical thermostat inside that knows when to stop toasting the bread instead of relying on a timer.

The mechanical thermostat is actually a bimetal strip which bends when the toast is done, interrupting the heating flow.

Simple things are the best, right? Best of all, you can still find the Sunbeam Radiator Control on eBay or refurbished here.

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