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LG Rolls Out Impressive Self-Emptying Vacuum Cleaner At CES 2021

As usual, LG has plenty of news for the Consumer Electronics Show and, despite the online-only edition this year, CES 2021 is no exception.

After this amazing bendable screen, the company just introduced an impressive self-emptying vacuum cleaner, which can make chores a breeze.

Still, draw a big breath before trying to pronounce the name of this vertical self-cleaning vacuum ’cause it’s a mountfull!

The vacuum you see is called the LG CordZeroThinQ A9 Kompressor Plus cordless vacuum cleaner.

If your friends ask about the new appliance, maybe you can call it the Cord Zero …or the Kompressor Plus?

Anyway, this vacuum features a “fully-automated dust removal system” which means that the charging station also doubles as a dustbin cleaner.

After you vacuum around the house and you put it back in its charging station, the waste chamber will automatically be emptied in a dust bag hidden in the charging station.

That means that, from time to time, you’ll only have to remove and empty the charging station dust bag, not the waste compartment every time (like with regular cordless vacuums).

The charging station also has compartments for the other vacuum accessories, like the narrow brush, the pet hair nozzle and the power mop.

LG didn’t say when this cordless vacuum will hit the shelves or how much it will cost but we’d say keep an eye out for it later this year – that is, if you’re looking to upgrade your appliances.

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LG Rolls Out Impressive Self-Emptying Vacuum Cleaner At CES 2021
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