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Uber Green and Uber Transit Features Are Expanding To More Cities

Uber Green is the feature that allows you to ask for an electric vehicle when requesting a ride. The feature was first launched in Europe, and after only being available in 15 cities in the US starting last September, it is now making its way to 1,400 additional cities and towns in North America. This includes Austin, Calgary, Houston, Miami, New York City, Tucson, Winnipeg, Washington, DC, and hundreds more

After being linked to rising car congestion and increase pollution by adding more cars on the roads, Uber is seriously committed to reducing pollution. The company promises that its whole fleet of vehicles will become electric by 2030 in the US, Canada, and Europe and by 2040 in the rest of the world. The ride-sharing service is planning to impose an extra fee on trips completed in an electric vehicle to incentivize drivers to make the switch.

Uber drivers who choose to drive a hybrid or an electric vehicle will get an extra $0.50 per ride, and drivers who use specifically battery-electric vehicles will get $1.5 on top of the fare. The extra cash comes from Uber users, which will be charged an extra dollar when requesting an electric ride.

After Sydney and Chicago, Uber Transit is also coming to London and Mexico City. Uber Transit allows users to plan multimodal trips including trains, buses, walking, and Uber rides.

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Uber Green and Uber Transit Features Are Expanding To More Cities
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