LG 48inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED ces 2021

LG Brings World’s First 48-inch Bendable CSO Display At CES 2021

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LG just announced the world’s first 48-inch bendable CSO Display and says it will showcase it at CES 2021.

With most major events moved online thanks to the current situation, the biggest tech gathering in the world, the Consumer Electronics Show, will follow suit for its 2021 edition.

That means you’ll be able to see the 48-inch  48-inch Bendable Cinematic Sound OLED (CSO) display, which not only bends as you need it to but can also turn into a speaker, alongside everyone else at the same time.

The CSO technology is definitely impressive, since LG managed to shrink down the ultra-slim film exciter which vibrates to create sound to just 0.6 mm, from the 9 mm of previous models.

Still, what should get you hyped is the seamless way in which this display goes from flat to curved to offer immersion.

“The 48-inch Bendable CSO display utilizes OLED’s advantages as its paper-thin screen bends and unfolds with a curvature radius of up to 1,000R, meaning that it can be made to bend up to a radius of 1,000mm without affecting the function of the display. It can therefore be turned into a flat screen while watching TV and used as a curved screen while gaming. The curved display offers a uniform viewing distance from the middle of the screen to its edge, maximizing the visual immersion that is popular among gamers,” says LG.

Yes, the LG Bendable CSO display is optimized for gaming – it features variable refresh rate between 40Hz and 120Hz and a 0.1ms response time.

Stay tuned for more LG news and all the CES announcements you can’t miss – as usual, we’ll cover them all.

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LG Brings World’s First 48-inch Bendable CSO Display At CES 2021
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