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This $33/month Trashcan From Mill Wants to Turn Your Food Waste Into Chicken Feed

A high-tech solution for backyard chicken lovers and an idea that could curb the excessive amounts of food waste – meet the Mill trash can from a Nest co-founder.

The not fun part?

This smart trash can actually comes with a subscription that costs $33 per month but, once you look at what it does, the cost becomes a lot more palatable.

The Mill kitchen bin accepts most compostable waste, from fruits to veggies, plate scrapings and even food-soiled paper towels. Unlike a regular kitchen bin for compost, it dries, compacts and keeps the leftovers from smelling by using a charcoal filter.

Every night, the Mill Kitchen bin starts compacting and drying the scraps, so that you can actually fit a lot of waste in that 11 liter internal bucket and eliminate a lot of the funk generated by food waste.

“We estimate the bin will use around 1 kilowatt-hour (kWh) of electricity per day, averaged over multiple weeks of usage (if you generate around 1.5lbs of kitchen scraps per day). Today, that’s about the same amount of energy per day as an energy-efficient dishwasher, but with software updates, the bin will keep getting better and more efficient over time,” the company says.

When the bucket is full, you simply empty it into a free return box provided by Mill, and they collect it to turn it into chicken food.

mill kitchen bin

The Mill bin is 27 x 16 x 15 inches, weighs 50 pounds, and it’s fitted with a full-color LED interface on the lid, as well as Wi-Fi connectivity.

A Mill kitchen bin costs $75 to deliver and $45 per month with the monthly plan but, if you commit to an entire year of minimizing food waste, a $396 yearly subscription means going down to $33 per month.

You can reserve a Mill kitchen bin with a $33 refundable deposit today and the device will ship starting this spring.

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This $33/month Trashcan From Mill Wants to Turn Your Food Waste Into Chicken Feed
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