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Better Than A Recipe? This Wearable Tells You What Vitamins To Take

Making doctor appointments and then actually showing up are two different things. Sometimes, we’re too busy to go for normal check-ups and ask for vitamin prescriptions. Taking them in bulk, without knowing what we actually need, is not an option either. This wrist wearable promises to give an accurate list of the vitamins we need after certain workouts #objectmagic

The Styr Labs wristband should be worn during workouts. It collects information about your activity level and works with a scale that takes BMI measurements and hydration levels to provide a list of recommendations on your smartphone through an app.

You will discover, without a doubt, the range of vitamins your body needs after cross-referencing your data with 250.000 scientifical studies. In the end, if you want, you can order them as solvable products from the same company. My opinion? Just eat the proper vegetables and fruits 😉

The wristband and vitamins package cost around $68 but you can grab the scale too, for $78.

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