Biometric Authentication System “Windows Hello” Will Soon Work With Websites

Windows Central

Yesterday, at the Build event for developers, Microsoft announced that their biometric solution, “Windows Hello”, was ready to work with websites.

Among the first companies that will benefit from their fingerprint/face/retinal scanning system will be USAA Bank, the institution that works with US military veterans and their families. Those will be the first customers to login on bank website securely, from Microsoft’s Edge browser. While the security system was introduced last year, just now the company is making it available for business purposes.

In the meantime, Microsoft developed a mechanism for native apps too, that could implement the “Hello” system and create a public key. This, in return, would be recognized by apps and websites that work with Hello APIs.

The company stated that the much-awaited Hello APIs will become available with the Windows 10 Anniversay Update.


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