Blackberry KEY2 Lookalike Makes an Appearance in FCC Listing

A new listing in the FCC that appeared just yesterday is already raising some question marks in the general direction of BlackBerry.

The device that appears on the FCC listing, named BBE-100-2, looks more or less identical to the Key2 that was recently released. It might be a Lite version of it as it will supposedly feature 4GB RAM and a Qualcomm processor with sdm660.

The official BlackBerry Key2 listing features three model numbers: BBF100-1, BBF100-2, and BBF100-6. The first two support one SIM card while the last one is a dual-SIM. All of them are available on the market so this listing would suggest the BBE-100-2 is a new thing, still awaiting the FCC approval.

The BlackBerry Key2 stands at $649.99 and if the FCC device proves to be a Lite version, you might expect a cheaper option, just in case you were interested in getting a BlackBerry smartphone.

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