The Blackberry Movie Gets Raving Reviews, Looks Like Must-watch Tech Satire

BLACKBERRY - jay baruchel screengrab from the official trailer

This isn’t a Fincher Social Network type of thing but it looks like a must watch nonetheless: check out the Blackberry movie for a fun ride.

The Blackberry movie recently announced now has some footage out there for you to delve into. If nostalgia’s your fare, it will deliver, but it goes beyond waxing poetic about the good old days of Blackberry.

Instead, the Blackberry movie is a hilarious satire about the world of technology, with snappy dialogue reminiscent of Aaron Sorkin’s Newsroom. So far, reviews are glowing, which, as a fan of tech history, makes me really excited. 

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On Metacritic, BlackBerry the movie has universal acclaim, with an 83 score based on 11 reviews out so far. In a Variety review, a particularly daring line catches the eye:

From the review:

“I’ll keep firing until this room is not full of little children playing with their little penises,” Michael Ironside growls at one point, playing the company’s bulldog COO, seemingly the only adult in the room.

Of course, since Jay Baruchel is in the Blackberry movie, it was hard to imagine how this film would keep a straight face. 

Indeed, the Variety review of the Blackberry movie concludes by saying that the movie made “geek history more entertaining than it has any right to be.”

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