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Bluetooth Earbuds That Cost Just $49 Come With A 60-Hour Power Reserve

Considering the days of the headphone jack seem to be numbered, we have to start focusing on finding better Bluetooth alternatives to the wired headphones we took for granted for so long – the NOVA true wireless Bluetooth earbuds from TRNDlabs might just be one of them.

The NOVA earbuds come with rich sounds and one-touch controls that allow the user to switch from audio streaming to a phone call easily.

Credit: TRNDlabs / YouTube 

Those are not the only features of the NOVA though – the best one is perhaps the additional 60 hours of battery life you can get out of them. The earbuds come with an accompanying, compact charging case that basically carries around two days worth of battery before it needs another fresh charge.

The earbuds are currently on a limited sale with a 37% discount from their original price so you can grab them for just $49 from the official website.

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