BMW i3 EV Got a First Class Makeover Just in Time for CES 2020

In just a couple of weeks, we’ll be at CES again, ready to see what consumer electronics companies, car makers and more are ready to show off in 2020. From what we know now, BMW will have a strong show. Its i3 model got a first class type of makeover just in time for the Las Vegas tech show.

The car maker redesigned the interior of several i3 models in what it calls the “urban suite” fleet. This means less focus on the driver’s comfort, and more on the passenger. The only thing this cars still have in common with the standard versions are the driver’s seat and dashboard.

The rest has been rethought to bring first class comfort to passengers, starting with the chair.

Just like with airplane first class seats, this one has been redesigned to resemble a lounge chair. Set in the rear, it allows for space for a footrest. In this position, the passenger can enjoy entertainment on a screen that folds down from the headliner.

To the left of the seat, there’s actually a desk with a lamp, in a very retro setting. Perfect to check on some work or to put aside a book when they’re finished with it.

Drinks haven’t been overlooked. In fact, if you look closely, there are blue and red colors illuminating the drinks holder in the center console. This could imply they were made to keep drinks cool or hot, depending on the type of drink.

It’s quite the swanky setting, I must say. This is coupled with sustainable technology such as reusable materials used for the interior textures and floor mats.

I3 is BMW’s first electric car and the “urban suite” is said to be accessible by users through an app that the carmaker will unveil next month.  

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