Bose’s QuietComfort Promises Noise-Cancelling Tech For Cars


There’s people out there who love, love the sound of an engine roaring but the majority of people would much prefer a car ride to be as quiet as possible and audio company Bose looks like it might have found a way to deliver that sweet silence to our vehicles.

Bose is well-known for its noise-cancelling headphones but the QuietComfort technology for vehicles might just prove to be be a game changer in the industry.

The system has been dubbed the QuietComfort Road Noise Control and it uses the audio system in your vehicle, the accelerometers, microphones and the company’s own signal-processing software to reduce environmental sounds.

Accelerometers mounted on the vehicle body enable a Bose algorithm to continuously measure vibrations that create noise. This information is then used to calculate an acoustic cancellation signal, which is delivered through the vehicle’s speakers to reduce the targeted noise.

Microphones placed inside the cabin monitor residual noise levels, allowing the system to adapt the control signal for optimized performance over different road surfaces, while automatically adjusting over time as the vehicle ages.


While we trust the Bose noise-cancelling headphones, a car is an environment where a lot of factors need to be taken in, so we’re very curious to see how the tech will deliver on its promise.

At the moment, Bose is working with car manufacturers on implementing the QuietComfort Road Noise Control but, according to the company, the tech will not find its way into any production models until 2021.

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