Pivo is a Smart Pod That Can Deliver 'Visual Magic' For Your Mobile Shots

Pivo Delivers ‘Visual Magic’ For Your Mobile Shots

Pivo might not be a name that rings a bell, but the device we’re going to tell you about today has been in the works, technically, since 2014, when Ken, CEO & Founder of Pivo, glued together a kitchen timer and a selfie stick in order to create the most basics of foundations for what has now become the Pivo smart pod.

The team behind Pivo had one goal in mind: to build a smart pod that would allow anyone with a smartphone to create dynamic interactive videos, images and GIFs easily and in a more affordable way.

Professional photography items are not easy on the wallet, so Pivo wanted to offer everyday content creators another alternative that would allow them to create quality content without breaking the bank.

The device has a number of modes that can help you create the content you need, from the Versus mode, which pans back and forth between two subjects, to the DoubleTake, that can generate gifs or videos to tell a story in seconds, to the Motion Timelapse, where Pivo can capture a video in 360, 180 or 120 degrees and create a timelapse that will show the the world go by across a panorama.

That’s barely the beginning: Facefollow can detect the user’s face and track them the same way a cameraman would, the Flash mode can blur two videos together and a number of other modes can create different results that are guaranteed to fit the needs of any type of photo or video content creator out there.

Pivo has an alternate rotating head as well and the best thing about is that it not only allows the smartphone to rotate but it can let it tilt angles as well. The users can also employ the use of a remote control for the device.

Pivo’s companion app is open source, so the users can decide freely how they want Pivo to work so it can suit their needs.

There’s also some useful add-ons such as a 360 Product Table and a Light Box that can help the users showcase products.

Pivo completed their Kickstarter campaign just recently but if you want the Pivo, you can also grab it via their Indiegogo page that has a variety of packages which include just the Pivo or the add-ons mentioned above.

If you want to see it in action, watch our hands-on experience with Pivo in the video above!

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