Man Will Run The Boston Marathon In 3D Printed Flip Flops

The breadth of 3D printing has expanded tremendously in the past couple of years, from functional cars to suits that can read both heartbeat as well as another person’sChris Bellamy, an engineer from footwear designer Wiivv, is adding 3D printed flip-flops to the list, claiming they will be some of the most comfortable, customizable, and form-fitting flip-flops on the market.

Bellamy supports the product fiercely, claiming in his “Would You Run a Marathon in Sandals” blog post that, “we’ve reengineered every part of the traditional flip-flop to design the most comfortable, optimized sandal ever created.” The blog post aptly named, Bellamy plans on showcasing the 3D printed flip-flop’s comfort and form-fitted stability at the Boston Marathon on Monday, April 16. You can follow the results on the company’s Instagram or with the hashtag #marathong.

Wiivv plans to launch their custom 3D printed sandals this spring. By allowing customers to scan their own feet using the Wiivv app (available on iOS and Android), every sandal will be made to match a perfect mapping of said feet. After selecting from several different model options, customers can expect a sandal custom made for their feet and preferences.

With Wiivv’s 3D printed flip-flops and Xiaomi’s Intel-powered smart shoes, a future filled with more tech-inspired footwear seems right around the corner!

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