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Bragi Dash Pro Is Much More Than A Pair Of Wireless Earbuds

bragi dash pro

Have you heard about the Dash? It was one of the most popular products on Kickstarter, raising at the time more than $3 million in preorder sales. Bragi, the German startup behind that wireless earbuds concept, didn’t stop at one win. They developed a product to surpass the first, a successor if you will, the Dash Pro. This time around, the company talks about it as the world’s first custom-made wireless ear computer #objectmagic

See, the Dash Pro does more than allow you to listen to music wirelessly. It keeps track of your workouts without an effort from your part. But its real strength is translation. The Dash Pro was developed to work with the iTranslate app in real time, so you can carry on a conversation. Apparently, you can take advantage of this feature for 40 different languages.

For all of that to happen, Bragi had to equip the small earbuds with more than 150 components, a 32-bit processor, 27 sensors and artificial intelligence (Dash AI). Unlike other wireless earbuds, these ones have 4GB of internal storage where you can keep your music and listen to it straight from the wearable device. To adjust your Dash Pro you can use touch as well as “kinetic” motion controls. You’ll be able to use them for 5 hours straight with moderate volume on before they discharge. Afterwards, the case they come in can power them up five times, tops.

That said, Dash Pro has one last ace in its sleeve: it’s waterproof. You can take it during a swim thanks to its IPX7 rating. Once you’re in the water, it will record your activity as such and store it or transmit it to the companion app where you can check your progress.

At 349 euros, Dash Pro isn’t cheap at all but if you take into consideration all of the features mentioned, it might be worth splurging for it. If price is not a problem, you should know that for bigger price you can get a custom fit pair from Starkey, after visiting one of their audiologists to take the measurements.

Dash Pro can be ordered on the official website and is expected to come to major retailer in a couple of weeks.

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