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The New JBuds Mini Are the World’s Smallest Earbuds

jlab jbuds mini earbuds

Finally, the perfect fit? Those with small ears know the pain of wanting to buy wireless earbuds but finding it impossible to make them actually stay in-ear.

There seems to be an end to the problem in sight, as JLab just announced the world’s smallest true wireless earbuds – the JBuds Mini.

Debuting at IFA Berlin, the JBuds Mini are positively tiny compared to most earbuds in town – and they’re much smaller than JLab’s super popular existing model.

The company says the JLab Mini is 30% smaller than the JLab GO Air Pop, some of the best earbuds for small ears. Each bud weighs just 3.3 grams and the case itself is just 18.5 grams – and about half the size of the JLab GO Air pop case.

The best part, though? Even though you’re looking at a seriously impressive feat in a very crowded wireless earbuds market, their price is super affordable.

 JLab JBuds Mini earbuds

Launching on September 1st, the JBuds Mini go for £39.99 in the UK and $39.99 in the US.

As someone who bought and returned dozens of earbuds along the years, since no matter what I do they just won’t stay in my ears, I probably spent more than that just hacking my current earbuds with tiny foam tips just to get a better fit.

Back to the JBuds Mini, the specs look more than decent considering their size.

The JBuds Mini feature 6mm neodymium drivers, noise-canceling microphones, and has Bluetooth Multipoint so you can switch between devices without the hassle of pairing and re-pairing.

Oh, and they have IP55 sweat and dust resistance, so they can handle most workouts. 

While I’m usually skeptical about buying anything without reading reviews, even with less than stellar audio quality, the thought of hooking my earbuds to my keychain and not having to look for the case at the bottom of the bag each time I wanna listen to some music…well, that’s reason enough to add these to my cart.

According to the company, each earbud has more than 5.5 hours of play and, with the case holding a few more charges, you can expect over 20 hours of battery life.

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