Bye Headlines? Google Will Soon Summarize Articles Using Their Own Generative AI

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In a move that will make all but the laziest of us scratch our heads, Google announced that they will soon start summarizing entire articles using their own generative AI.

According to a new blog post, Google Chrome will summarize the articles you’re reading on the web “so that you don’t have to scroll forever to find what you’re looking for”.

Yes, they’re trying to replace a headline’s job. With many, if not all articles, a headline is the shortest form of the story, and the first paragraph also works as a summary for what is about to come. 

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For those writers who refuse to follow this holy formula, Google aims to cut to the clutter – and probably decrease the amount of SEO-optimized articles that promise readers a solution but contain mostly fluff instead of actionable information.

So, how will Google’s AI summarize tool work?

From TheVerge:

SGE can already summarize search results for you so that you don’t have to scroll forever to find what you’re looking for, and this new feature is designed to take that further by helping you out after you’ve actually clicked a link. You probably won’t see this feature, which Google is calling “SGE while browsing,” right away. Google says it’s a new feature that’s starting to roll out Tuesday as “an early experiment” in its opt-in Search Labs program. (You’ll get access to it if you already opted in to SGE, but if you haven’t, you can opt in to the feature on its own.) It will be available first in the Google app on Android and iOS, and the company is bringing it to the Chrome browser on desktop “in the days ahead.”

The feature is called Search Generative Experience (SGE) and will start rolling out this week as an opt-in for the Search Labs program. 

It will first be available on the Google app on mobile, on both Android and iOS, then will show up in Chrome.

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