CAD Sketches Confirm iPhone 8 Lightning Port And Bezel-less Display

iphone 8 render
@Nodus and Gordon Kelly

So far, designers have rendered iPhone 8 concepts from mere rumors. Apple hasn’t teased anything yet, so we didn’t have the conviction that the company would be able to pull of a bezel-less smartphone without home button in due time. Now, it appears, CAD sketches are turning what was an exciting possibility into the real deal #mobilemagic

A Forbes contributor has managed to get its hands on CAD files after which designer Nodus is working to bring iPhone 8 cases to life this fall. These files prove that the Cupertino giant has no intention of going back on its promise and that it will, in fact, launch the (almost) bezel-less iPhone we’ve been expecting. There’s no Plan B in that direction.

The chunky bezels all of its previous iPhones presented are going to be discarded in favor of a 5.8-inch display with a cutout at the top. This one will allow the front shooter and sensors work flawlessly, without any hindrance. Notifications will appear from the new Function Area iOS 11 is set to introduce.

iphone 8 back

@Nodus and Gordon Kelly

The dual camera on the back will be placed vertically (whether we like it or not). For Apple’s purposes, those of taking advantage of augmented reality content, this is better. Users will likely position the phone horizontally during those experiences and a dual camera that has the same orientation is needed.

Renders made form those CAD sketches show only the front and back of the device but the return of the Lightning port is almost a given, as Kelly writes.  Apple is sticking to its guns, refusing to play the USB Type-C game. The headphone jack will remain just a memory, as the smartphone will launch with stereo speakers. As for the Touch ID, this could be placed on the power button if the company can’t integrate it in the display, as planned.

Although Vivo showed us it’s possible to do so, at MWC Shanghai. With any luck, Tim Cook and his team will be able to do the same this September, at their 10-year anniversary.

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