Trippy Wireless Speaker Doesn’t Need Bluetooth To Play Music

trippy speaker

You know how when your friends come over for dinner and you still have some cooking to do, putting music on is just… common sense? But when they all have different tastes it’s hard to choose the right songs on your phone. An idea would be to let them take turns on setting up the playlist but that would involve data cables, pairing devices with your wireless speakers only to switch them in minutes… a hassle. So a couple of guys from Sweden developed a wireless speaker that doesn’t need Bluetooth or any other pairing tech called Trippy #objectmagic

Trippy has a modern feel thanks to the clean lines and bamboo material used to bring it to life. Unlike most wireless speakers, it doesn’t rely on Bluetooth to play your music loud. Instead, it has something the team calls Place and Play™ technology. This means users simply have to put their smartphone on the speaker to connect the two. Their secret? Magnetic induction.

“Trippy can read the electromagnetic fields generated around your phone’s internal speaker, and transmit them as conventional electric signals to Trippy´s sound system. It is science, but it feels like magic”, confess the developers on Kickstarter, where the product is currently crowdfunding. For that to happen, Trippy was equipped with 4 induction sensors and acoustic chambers. Besides not having to deal with Bluetooth connectivity or cables, the big selling point of the device is the easiness with which users can swap songs by simply replacing one phone with another.

The speaker mesh comes in a variety of colors at the price of SEK 599 (around $73)/unit. Shipping should begin this fall, in October.

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