Can Samsung Galaxy Fold 2 Be a Smashing Success? Everything You Need to Know

Can Galaxy Fold 2 Ensure Samsung’s Foldable Supremacy? Everything You Need to Know

We’ve seen some pretty daring phones lately, right? The Cyberphone with its super chunky, metal exterior, or the innovative Zenfone 6 with its flip camera that might just return this year. But foldables are in another league. Here, Samsung, Huawei, and even Microsoft fight for the first spot. Can Galaxy Fold 2 ensure Samsung’s supremacy this year?

They did have that Foldgate situation, after all. After the first batch of foldables ended up in reviewers’ hands, things went sour. Screens cracked as a bulge started to appear in the hinge area. 

Was it disappointing? Absolutely. So Samsung went back and corrected their mistakes launching a functional, flagship foldable. Was it perfect? No. Too expensive for its worth? Maybe. I mean, we’re talking about a $2,000 phone here. 

But I think Samsung is starting to learn from its mistakes. This August, we’re looking at a Galaxy Fold 2 with improvements in the areas where it matters. 

Before we go into the fixes, let’s see the upgrades, though. The obvious one is the display. Galaxy Fold 2 is set to raise the bar when it comes to size, with, rumor is, a 7.7-inch unfolded screen, and a 6.2 cover display. That’s about 50% more than the original one, like, to give you an idea. 

If you’ve seen a strip of a display more than a complete one in some renders, you were not hallucinating. Those designs are also in the cards, but I’d say they could be a Lite version of the Fold 2, not the main version. 

To get those proportions, Samsung will have to trim the bezels too. In fact, from what we’ve heard, you’ll definitely see trimmed bezels – we’re talking around 4mm width – and no notch. Yes, the notch is out! And a punch-hole design is in. A couple of renders showed it, in fact, a bit off-center. It was so bizarre that it made us fidget for a bit. But when we looked closer, folded, the selfie camera was actually right in the center – of the right side.  

Plus, the main camera module is definitely going to be on the rear right side, so there weren’t many options to place it to begin with. 

Galaxy Fold 2’ display will also have a – surprise, surprise – 120Hz refresh rate! That’s still a pretty new upgrade on most phones, so we’re pretty happy to see it here. 

All well and good, but how are they gonna fix the problems? How will they make it stronger? More durable?

Find out in the video above!


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