Casio 360 Degree Camera Helps You Create 8K Content


In all this 360 degree video frenzy, companies have been racing for better software that includes the best stitching method. Casio went in a different direction focusing on smart hardware in its EX-FR200 camera #actionmagic

Casio’s 360 degree camera has a modular design, meaning you can detach the 185-degree lens from the LCD viewfinder in order to shoot in different modes. You can either go for “camera” mode by attaching the lens onto the rear of the screen like a compact camera or “selfie” mode, clipping it to the top of the LCD touchscreen module. There’s also an option for independent control through a Bluetooth connection.

Granted, the 185 field of view won’t make you a star in your selfies but consider all the other things you could do with it. By combining two lenses, you can take 360° pictures or in video mode, merge two 4k shoots with Casio’s Exilim Album mobile app, obtaining 8k content.

The EX-FR200 camera is waterproof, freeze-proof and drop resistant, has microSD slot and captures in slo-mo up to 240fps. Unfortunately, we just know that it will launch in Japan this September, with no clue when it will come to America or Europe.

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