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CES 2018: LG 65-inch Rollable TV Shows Up Only When Needed

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The award for the most discreet display at CES this year goes to… LG rollable TV. #objectmagic

While Samsung offered a modular TV design, so you can choose the size you need at home, LG proposed a rollable display. It’s not the first time they’re investing time and effort in such a prototype. Two years ago, the company presented an 18-inch panel. So what’s different now?

The OLED TV manufacturer raised the bar to a 65-inch TV with full 4K resolution. Tempting, right? Movies will look as crisp and vibrant as other OLED 4K TVs they sell but with an extra gimmick. This display can assume the size you want, even disappearing completely when you’ re not using it.

As the demo showed, through a press of a button, it can shift from a 16:9 display into a 21:9 TV! It will accommodate ultra-wide clips perfectly. But maybe you’re not organizing a movie night. Maybe you just need to adjust the music controls or other smart home devices settings. For this purposes, the rollable display makes itself scarce but for a wide strip.

It’s one of the coolest displays at this year’s CES and we’d take one with us in the blink of an eye. Unfortunately, what we’ve seen is just a prototype. Here’s to hoping other companies turn it into reality!

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