CES 2019 Tech Trends: What to Expect in Las Vegas

An unofficial opening ceremony, CES 2019 Tech Trends laid the ground for an exciting conference to come. As Steve Koenig, one of the presenters and VP of Market Research at Consumer Technology Association, stated, “so many of the trends and technologies are finally coming to reality.” Companies at CES 2019 are showcasing products realizing or utilizing next generation technology. In other words, 5G, self-driving vehicles, the 8K revolution, and more encompassing AI are not just a theory anymore, but a reality.

Here are the top trends of technology to look out for at CES 2019:


5G technology is about more than just increased cellular internet speeds. As an ingredient technology, it looks to have an impact on every sector of technology. 5G promises to connect devices in ways like never before and is expected to make a global impact.

Smart Home

While smart home technology is already here, it looks to become more interoperable and intelligent. Regarding the former, the expansion of hardware makes pressing the question of how different products from different brands communicate with each other. As for the latter, smart home products are becoming more intelligent with object recognition, smart imaging, and more.

Artificial Intelligence

AI has been a buzzword for a while, but this year looks to take the technology to another level. As an ingredient technology present in processor and chips, it looks to be a vital part of the growth of…

Digital Assistants

Digital assistants are already omnipresent. With advancements in AI, they are likely going to be more so. As digital assistants change how consumers use technology – talking to tech has become more commonplace – support for digital assistance in products and services will be stronger than ever in 2019.


Samsung leads the game with its 8K TV. Expect more of these offerings by TV producers.

Other technology to look for include: VR/AR, Self-Driving Vehicles, Digital Health, and Resilient Technologies.

For more on the latest tech coming out of CES, stay tuned with TechTheLead!

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