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Check Out Netflix’s 1899, A New Show From the Makers of Dark

If you loved Dark on Netflix then you definitely want to add 1899 to the list, since this upcoming series is also made by the creators of Dark.

Jantje Friese, the co-creator of Dark, one of the most critically acclaimed scifi series in recent years, is back alongside their partner Baran bo Odar for a period piece.

Netflix released a look into 1899, a period piece that melds mystery and horror as it follows some European migrants embarking on a ship from London to New York in search of a better life.

“The passengers from the Old World await their life in the new one — until, that is, they come across a ship that’s adrift at sea. At which point, Netflix warns ominously,” teases Netflix about what is sure to be a bone-chilling horror.

Fans of The Terror, the criminally underrated series from 2019 with Jared Harris and Ciaran Hinds, should definitely be on the lookout for this one.

Netflix’s 1899 premiere is set for November 17. Even better, the creators of 1899 have three seasons already planned, so this might be a story that’s going to stick with you for a long time.

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Check Out Netflix’s 1899, A New Show From the Makers of Dark
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