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Check Out The Genki Covert, A Tiny Nintendo Switch Dock

genki covert dock

Back in January, a Kickstarter project promised to give your Nintendo Switch “a tactical stealth dock hidden inside a portable GaN-charger”.

Now, the ultra portable Switch Dock is here – check out the Genki Covert,  device 90% smaller than the official Nintendo Dock.

Even the 120VAC prongs are foldable, so it occupies less space and doesn’t scratch the screen if you toss it carelessly in the bag.

The Covert dock retails for $75 and features USB-C charging, an USB 3.1 accessory port and a HDMI display port, all of it allowing you to play Switch games on any TV.

genki covert dock nintendo switch

All you have to do is plug your Switch into the Covert Dock, then connect the dock with a HDMI cable to the TV and play in 1080p.

Of course, you can also use it as a charger for other devices using USB-C – it can handle anything from your phone to a Surface Go tablet or the 30W Macbook Air.

You can find it on Genki’s official website for $75 – for orders outside the US, the device ships with plug adapters.

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