Chinese AI Wins Against Doctors in Neuroimaging Recognition Competition

Chinese AI Wins Against Doctors in Neuroimaging Recognition Competition

Credit: Danson Cheong

The BioMind AI system was developed by the Artificial Intelligence Research Centre for Neurological Disorders at the Beijing Tiantan Hospital and it has scored 2:0 against elite physicians in a brain diagnosing competition held in Beijing.

The AI made correct diagnoses in 87% of 225 cases in roughly 15 minutes, whereas the team of human doctors only managed to achieve a 66% accuracy.

BioMind was also successful in detecting brain hematoma expansion cases.

In order for BioMind to be trained, the developers fed it thousands of images of nervous system diseases that were archived by the hospital in the past 10 years.

Its success was not intended to pit the doctors against medical technology, on the contrary, it would be expected for the AI to work with the medical professionals and make those who were skeptical about it more accepting.

Wang Yongjun, the Beijing Tiantan Hospital’s Vice-President said that he hopes that “through this competition, doctors can experience the power of artificial intelligence. This is especially so for some doctors who are skeptical about artificial intelligence. I hope they can further understand AI and eliminate their fears toward it.”

China has already introduced a series of plans for AI development applications in the recent years and the State Council issued a development plan on the new generation of Artificial Intelligence.


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