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Class-Action Lawsuit Claims Doordash Charges iPhone Users More than Android Users


Everyone knows you pay more on Doordash if you live in a rich neighborhood, with the app increasing prices for some zipcodes, but can you pay more depending on the device that runs the app?

That’s what this class-action suit alleges.

A new lawsuit against Doordash claims that the app charges iPhone users more than Android users for the same order, for the same distance – and they tested this more than 7 times.

From a report on SFGate:

In one set of tests, an Android phone and an iPhone were used to place the same order — a breakfast sandwich with avocado and egg whites and a chocolate chip bagel from a nearby Panera Bread — to the same address simultaneously. In the first order, according to the suit, the iPhone was at the delivery location and the Android was 15 miles away; the iPhone user received the expanded range fee. In the second, the phones’ locations were reversed, with the iPhone being used 15 miles away from the delivery site; the iPhone user, the suit alleges, was still charged the fee. In a third test involving Panera, the phones were both at the delivery location — the iPhone not only allegedly received the expanded range fee but was charged an additional dollar in delivery fees. Other tests allege that delivery fees on iPhone orders are “greatly” inflated.”

Doordash told Gizmodo it considers the charges “baseless and simply without merit”.

You can read the filed complaint here. What do you think about Doordash’s charges? What about dynamic pricing in general?

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