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Clips Is Google’s First AI Action Camera

google clips

If Pixel Buds surpasses its competitors, whether they’re startups or successful brands, Google Clips has a more difficult time doing it. Believe it or not, action cameras with machine learning abilities that pick, capture and edit scenes themselves are making their way to the market with similar, if not better selling USP. But first, let’s see what Google Clips can do #actionmagic

As you can see, Google Clips is pretty small, able to blend in easily. There’s no display, but it does sport an optional shutter button. That’s because you don’t have to control the camera to capture a scene, although it’s possible. The idea is to let it recognize an instance worth recording or shooting by using machine learning.

The moment you turn it on, with a simple lens twist, the camera starts noticing its environment. In time, it learns who are the members of your family and makes sure to catch memories of them in a 130-degree field of view. It also recognizes pets, so even when you’re at the office, you can enjoy their shenanigans later in the day. The clips are captured locally and processed on device. They have a seven-second limit and can be edited from a companion app.

Mind you, they’re not videos in the general sense of the word. Unlike Benjamin Button, a similar AI camera, Google Clips doesn’t register sound. That’s a real drawback for a camera that costs $249, but then again, that Kickstarter project is still in development, while Google Clips will launch this fall.

If you do decide to pick it up, remember you’ll have about three hours of active use and count on 16GB of storage.

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