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Straight Out Of A Sci-Fi Movie: Pixel Buds Translate Your Speech In Real Time

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Google showed its generous side at this week’s event. The company came up with products that covered every nook of our existence: phones, computer, home speakers and even wireless earbuds.  Before you laugh about Google’s late entry to the wireless headphones game, let us assure you: Pixel Buds are much more interesting than everything else you’ve seen on the market #objectmagic

Sure, Samsung has their own set of wireless earbuds and Apple announced not to long ago the AirPods. Despite the impressive audio technology they invested in and the link to their own smart assistant, neither brand pulled off what Google has: real-time translation.

You see, Pixel Buds aren’t just great wireless headphones that complement your Pixel 2 phone perfectly. And they’re not just an easy way to reach Google Assistant to play music, give directions or take phone calls. No, these wearables have the ability to translate between 40 languages with zero lag time (at least, in a relatively quiet room).

The moment you’ll use them, you’ll feel like in a Sci-Fi movie. Why am I saying that? Because after simply asking it to help you speak Japanese, you can rant in English and your foreign colleague will still understand you. The phone’s speakers will output your speech in Japanese, while the reply will play back into your ear through the buds.

Google’s earbuds aren’t the first wireless smart devices to undertake translation in real time. Mymanu did the same thing but supported less languages, while Bragi Dash Pro sold at a ridiculous price. By comparison, Google Pixel Buds can be purchased for $160. And, if you’re cautious with your tech investments, relying only on familiar brands, you’ve got a winner on your hands.

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