Clubhouse: How Secure is It?

Maybe you heard of it, maybe you’re still wrapping your head around the whole Signal/Whatsapp business but Clubhouse is not a 24/7 music livestream, rather podcasts on a virtual stage. And the hottest new social media app out there so… how secure is it?

Oprah, Chris Rock, and the famous Elon Musk are on Clubhouse and the latter took advantage of his time on the app. Musk revealed how a monkey’s playing video games at his Neuralink company! And interviewed Robinhood’s CEO, playing journalist for a bit. 

Elon Musk sent a surprising Clubhouse invite

Now, he invited Putin for a chat! And guess what: the Kremlin did not refuse… yet. If Putin accepts, hundreds more will join the app! Hundreds that are on iOS, that is. So far, Clubhouse is only on iOS for now although, developers are working on an Android version, too. 

Clubhouse is invite-only which reminded me of OnePlus’ marketing strategy at its beginnings. It’s also free and ad-free… for now.

Clubhouse walkthrough

What happens after you get an invite? You sign up, check some interests and like every good social app out there, Clubhouse is gonna try to connect you with people and interesting topics. 

The app will follow people that you’d wanna listen to and recommend rooms a.k.a chats you would want to be in. You can invite around 5 people at first and create your own agenda of the day (the discussions you want to attend). 

Every chat can also be shared so you can spread the word. Once you’re in, you’ll see speakers – differentiated by mic icons – and a list of people they follow so you can grow your Clubhouse network. You’ll be a guest and stay as one until you press the hand-raised emoji. 

Pressing it means you want to ask a question. If you make it interesting enough, you’ll get a chance to sit at the same table as the likes of Elon Musk! Just make sure once you are there, you ask questions, answer others’ curiosities, make jokes, debate. All from your phone. With phone audio quality, by the way. That’s important to keep in mind!

If you like the experience and want to start your own chat, you just have to choose a topic and invite the folks you want to have on your panel. As for listeners, you can choose a handful of friends, all your friends, or make it open to every Clubhouse member. 

How is the security like? Not as good as we’d hoped. More in the video above!

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