Custom Interfaces by Alexa Could Become Your Kid Favorite Tool

Custom Interfaces by Alexa Could Become Your Kid Favorite Tool

Alexa won’t stop surprising us on how much of a resourceful voice assistant it is. This time, Alexa came up with a set of developer tools called Custom Interfaces. These new ‘toys’ aim to work as smart toys for children.

How? Well, you can tell Alexa to play piano teacher using a mini keyboard, play a certain song that corresponds to a key, print out Sudoku puzzles, or even enable other devices like your drone, or your Echo device.
The Custom Interfaces is aiming to empower skill developers and revive their experience of interacting with Alexa with the support of the new functionalities.

Among the benefits of the new functionalities, the direct communication between a developer’s product and the voice assistant is very important as the developers won’t have to create a device cloud anymore to manage customer accounts.

Another important benefit consists of Dynamic Voice Interactions. This way, you can design robust voice interactions for your product, and therefore create a more exciting experience for your customers.

A private beta for Custom Interfaces projects created for children under the age of 13 was also launched, which requires parental permission before kid skills can be activated.

Moreover, Amazon offers a variety of sample projects online in the form of a guide to help developers who build skills with Raspberry Pi and Python-based software.

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