You Can Now Free Swap Your Nintendo Switch to The Newer Model

You Can Now Free Swap Your Nintendo Switch to The Newer Model

Image source: Nintendo

Good news, Nintendo Switch owners! If you are among the users who recently purchased a console you will be able to upgrade to the new longer-lasting battery model for free. How cool is that? You just need to check when you’ve purchased the Switch, that simple!

According to a thread on the Nintendo Switch subreddit, the upgrade from old versions of Nintendo to new ones will be available for Nintendo America.  

However, the campaign is destined to those who bought a console in the US or Canada prior to July 17. On that note, Nintendo of America’s customer service department will make sure to contact all those who qualify for the upgrade.

Anyway, representatives say that the fresh new owners of a Switch unit should contact the retailer and check if they qualify for the upgrade.

The console should be sent within 14 days and you should consider having everything in the box (not necessarily the original one), like the Switch, the Joy-Cons, power adapter, straps, controller grip, the dock.

Don’t forget to back up all the saved data on your console, as the company won’t assume the responsibility for the eventually lost data. Users will also handle the shipping.

Other than that, on September 20 a more portable console will roll out, the Switch Lite, which will be available for $200. 

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