Google Play Books Offers Users New Experimental Features To Play With

Google Play Books Offers Users New Experimental Features To Play With

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Google Books Play has a surprise for Google Books users, which includes a few exciting experimental features for better searching, sorting, and labeling options are on the cards.

The experimental Google Books features on the web are coming to the web version of Google Play Books. Users will be able to play with new features while they’re still at the stage of work in progress. They can dig into the new feature by going to and clicking the settings cog on the top right of the screen. The new features can be enabled in the “Beta features” menu.

Custom Shelves is the first Beta Feature on the web for Google Play Books, which is also one of the most requested features from users. The features offer users the option to organize shelves in a convenient and personalized way.

The Search feature will help users look for books in their library, sort books in the library on author, title, price and other criteria.

The Ready to Read feature is the last one from the Beta Feature on the web and is acting as a reminder to show users the books they haven’t finished yet. So if you started books and ‘abandoned’ it in the library, this feature will let you identify the unfinished books quickly so you can pick up where you left from.

What do you think about these features? Which one is more fit for your needs?

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