CES 2019

Daikin One+ Smart Thermostat Brings Geofencing for More Convenience

daikin one+ smart thermostat ces 2019

Daikin joined the smart thermostat arena by announcing the Daikin One+ at CES 2019.

The sleek smart thermostat works with Daikin’s HVAC systems and other smart devices, allowing you to set your prefered temperature on a schedule for maximum comfort and savings.

“It’s not just a switch to turn the HVAC system on and off. Other smart thermostats from consumer electronics companies lack the protocols to communicate with HVAC equipment. And, while some other HVAC manufacturers offer controllers, they lack sophisticated user interface and physical design,” says Daikin.

Speaking of comfort, the Daikin One+ also brings support for geofencing, so you can create a geofence around your house for even more convenience.

As soon as you enter the perimeter with your phone on you, the Daikin One+ will switch between home mode and away mode.

Of course, Daikin also included Google Assistant and Alexa, so you get all the features you’d expect out of a smart thermostat, not just temperature and air quality.

The only things Daikin didn’t reveal are pricing and availability but we expect to hear more in the following days.

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