CES 2019: LG Showed an AI That Doesn’t Wait for You to Ask, It Just Does What You Need

You know how a mama bear is always protective and proactive? LG ThinQ is becoming increasingly similar to one, as was shown in today’s conference at CES, Las Vegas.

LG had several things in tow for the media present at the world’s biggest consumer electronics show. Two of them were rumored for weeks now: the LG HomeBrew and LG Styler.

The first one, the beer-brewing device for those dads who want to indulge at home instead of a bar, was met with applause and laughter. They didn’t make a pint of beer on stage though, as the whole process takes two weeks to make. When it does happen you won’t have just one pint to enjoy, thankfully, but about 1.5 gallons!

There are five capsules to choose from, created by Mutons, and a self-cleaning process afterwards. This hassle-free, home beer brewery was four years in the making, but does it really have the potential to become a household staple? Since we’re talking about a niche product, the answer is: not anytime soon.

The LG Styler is the company’s product in the “smart clothing care” business. Pretty handy when you don’t have time to iron your clothes or you’re multi-tasking. It’s safe for those with asthma and other allergies.

Believe it or not, these products, although interesting, were not the main highlights.

What I loved most was the work they did with ThinQ. Starting this year, “LG ThinQ products will offer proactively suggestions and solutions, instead of just responding to user needs.” The Ai will take Lifestyle Data – from the amount of electricity you use and TV you watch to how often you clean your house. It will then connect to all your smart home appliances and enable them to collaborate with one another. Household chores might start with a washing cycle, but when it’s over the robot cleaner will step up and the house.

Plus, this year, LG is launching LG Proactive Customer Care, an AI service that will alert users about potential issues before they happen. For example, it will tell Amazon Dash to place a reorder when it senses you are running out of supplies.

Talking about TVs, thanks to AI picture and AI sound, LG’s
first ever 8K 88-inch TV with over 33 million pixels will offer virtual surround sound, analyze sound source and optimize it on the go (make voices clearer in a sports event, for example and even adjust the levels depending on the position of the TV), while the picture will react to the environment, adjusting brightness and tone-mapping curve to the indoor setting.

There’s also LG Signature OLED TV R to consider, a pretty magical TV that comes out when you want it.

See the LG OLED TV R and LG Styler in the video below:

While design entices, software amazes. So, of course I was pretty psyched when I found out that LG added Alexa and Google Assistant integration, meaning you might actually get an answer if you ask your TV
“Who is the director of this movie?” while watching it.

Last but not least, LG has also – wait for it- partnered with Apple! They will be adding AirPlay to this year’s TVs. LG users will also enjoy the benefits of HomeKit.

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