Smart Mirror From Capstone Comes With Incorporated Google Assistant


Our homes are getting increasingly smarter and along with them, our house accessories as well, and among the accessories we can ‘smarten up’, we can definitely count on mirrors to become the most prominent out of them all.

Now, at CES, Capstone Connected Home has presented its smart Google-enabled mirror, which brings us one step closer to the sci-fi home of our dreams.

The mirror’s display is integrated behind the reflective surface, this way you can still look in the mirror while watching what is being presented on it.

You can download apps from the Google Play store on it, stream YouTube and interact with the Google Assistant in the same way you would with your usual smart speaker. It can also identify up to six different people to respond to.

In addition to all that, you can type your emails and messages on the mirror directly.

The only thing the mirror must have is the Capstone Connected Hub, which acts like a command center for the mirror. It can be either hung on the mirror directly or placed on a counter.

There’s no pricing information available yet but the first model, a 19 x 22 inch one will become available in the first quarter of 2019.

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