Delivery App Tells Restaurants to Make Your Favorite Meal

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Ever wanted to eat something off the menu but lacked the place to do so? Well, good news: a delivery service that lets customers tell a restaurant to cook their favorite meal is here.

Yandex NV has taken on this task. They will make kits with a customer’s chosen ingredients and then send it to the restaurant that is closest to them for cooking. Yandex couriers will then deliver the meals.

Back in 2017, Yandex made a deal with Uber, enabling them to enter the food delivery business. Now, this new app is a kind of “cloud restaurant” service because it brings together the Yandex.Eats (deliveries) and Yandex.Chef (meal kits supplies).

Luckily, the customers will have the possibility of ordering their favorite meals through this app “even if nearby restaurants aren’t specialized in it.”

On the other hand, “restaurants can expand their menu without additional expenses on food, marketing, and delivery,” said Yandex.

The company created a list that sums up the most popular dishes among users which will be priced approximately 250 rubles ($3.86) per dish. For starters, the service will be available in Moscow and St. Petersburg.

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There are many food-delivery companies out there constantly trying to reinvent the restaurant business, and selling their meals through Uber Eats or Deliveroo’s app.

“Home-style and simple food is getting traction online — like borscht, meat cutlets with mashed potatoes and Hawaiian poke.”, said Daniil Shuleyko, who heads Yandex’s food and taxi businesses, about the growing trend in Russia.

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